In the middle of a dark night, I witnessed you departed,

Hath left me broken hearted.

Those eyes were a cast,

Those lips hauling me to the past,

A lonely spirit feel,

Needed my existence to be healed.

From somewhere came joyful silence,

For I believe happiness will come .

They entered me and made me beam.

I got back the thing I thought i had lost,

They gifted me smiles, at friendship being the cost.

My second family I call them,

For they never demand,

Made me forget how badly i was treated,

Giving all the warmth I merited.

I found a bond which was not like yours,

They knew promises were to be kept,

Unlike you walking away focused all the blame on me , you left!

I shine now, having all i need,

For when you went I searched for me,

I found it sleeping silently in a corner turn,

They woke me up with all love and affection.

Now i woke and sat upright,

With arms wrapped around me tight.

For they are besides to hold me,

Guarding me from people like ‘he’ . 

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