There is love and serenity in the air of Paris but what was more to it one could experience on the Eiffel Tower.It was peak season in June when i visited Paris,long queues,tourists and crowded restraints was a daily view for me.This place never sleeps it seemed .Being an Indian,it was surprising for me to have the sun up till 9pm at night! The city has everything that one could need to have the desired relaxed time with family or friends as it has both the sides.Silence and beauty as well as parties and lights.

The city of lights that appeal to the eyes and take you away on an altogether different ride where it’s just you and the admiration for the city’s beautiful corners.While you wait for the Eiffel, it waits for you too.It feels as if it calls lovingly to every visitor that comes by.The surreal beauty that makes the Eiffel Tower what it is, isn’t something just about words but the real aura around it. The elevators take you to the top of the tower while they stop at two different levels.The view that my eyes thank me for even today,was the one from the top of the tower.A sight to behold it was from which i get flashbacks even today.The breeze that got in my hair took me away as if in the sky,it was as pure and cold.

The mood at the tower seems to be nurtured by a twist of love and awed emotions.It makes one escape into unreal happiness.People around seemed too busy handling the scenic views.The best thing for today’s internet based joy is that the tower has free Wifi facility available for every visitor.In months of scorching heat the water sprays help takeoff the humidity.The elevator costs are minimal upto 25 Euros per person, for people below age 25.However the experience stands for much more than it costs.No weather seems to take away the heavenly feel from the city that it offers although it looks magical in springs!

My crave for a pleasing dream came true with all i saw from and beneath the tower.It stands tall as if providing shade to all beautiful aspects of amusement and bliss.

A lifetime experience i would say,a place that calls you again and again.Recalling the memories that one makes there,brings a rush of eagerness to live them once more.Making it once to the tower is never enough!

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