The street stall near the Eiffel Tower,Paris,serves some mouth watering Pancakes that adds to the mood of every person.The stall is at a very appropriate location as the visitors often tend to find something good to eat after and with the walk of the tower.

I would say i stopped at this stall quite casually and being unknown to the place i had no idea what to eat.But to my surprise,i tasted these pancakes which turned out to be the best pancakes in Paris.A street pancake stall that serve these delicious and accurately cooked pancakes,which are perfect for any meal.

Along side the Seine River and the tower,the view makes the flavours even more delightful to the heart.The spreads and the fillings of your choice adds to the blend of enjoyable moments.These perfectly cooked pancakes are fluffy and not so big in size.My personal favourite bananas and chocolate spread,help bring your taste buds alive.

Rediscover a much simple but worth the tasting desert,in town.These might appear simple but are a full package of extraordinary tastes that take your taste buds on a coaster of joy!

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