If only making her uncomfortable can make you feel satisfied, then go stare a group of women when you are alone, and see how they satisfy every part of yours,together.
Not of course all men are like this,but what i find around me is a majority of this kind who need to learn to respect a woman.
Is Being a man all about building a physique or growing a beard? None of these actually bring up pain as such. Have men ever thought about the pain women go through and still all they offer is to make judgements of how weak they are? Rethinking would be good in this case.It’s not that i’m trying to prove women stronger,but just reminding men that yes it’s we who feel the pain and still never boast about it.
Why male gender is considered to be the superior one, i couldn’t really figure out one reason to prove this point right.The superior ones can never understand what it feels giving birth to an infant with all the pain that they never can face. Can they know what bleeding feels like when the only blood related term they know is how to give a High Blood Pressure to a woman!
Stay calm man, there’s nothing women -are incapable of, but there can be a list at which you are.

Also, there’s nothing great in being the only inheriting ideal to your parental properties.I find most boys flaunting their legal inherited riches,but what i feel sad about is that thee is nothing to boast about here.It’s nothing that you go by your own hardwork,you just sat their on an already built throne for you! Is being the single son what you are so proud of? Well, that’s why maybe we are just the ones who don’t ever step up for any inheritance, because you know why? Capability and greed less care is what we are made of. Meanwhile you enjoy the already made up houses we believe in building our own towers.Where a few men need to realise that parents are not just a bank account for you from where you withdraw money.There is a need to deposit some love and regard in return of what they do for you.

Comparing the driving skills? Oh lady driver, forget it? Come race then. Sounds child like but let be it. Not always does a woman need your help to make her drive well.Stop judging at least here!
Compare the intelligence level, the arguing capacity, found any level where you match ours? A women only decides to speak when their is need for herself or her loved one.A women never accepts the wrong even if in her attempt to get the right,she looks dominating.
No, Of course even she can be wrong,but here i talk to those men who try stamping their rude decisions always and keep themselves to be the right ones.
A lady is the one who knows to love you and fight the world for your sake.Just act right and see how a woman cares leaving the world behind for you. Offering her soul and heart to you if only you in return respect and acknowledge her. She has no much demands just a wish to be equal. God made man to protect and care for the delicacy he created, Woman. 
Why even protect? She can protect herself but just to make her feel as important. Act right with her and see how she gets the world act right for you. A loving man besides who offers her all the respect is what she desires.With being ready to give herself to you,what she demands is only the appreciation for her efforts and treating her with genuine care.

Cut down on physical dominance and increase the will to talk sensibly about women.Show some respect and cut down on the stares,this could really help in bring off the polluting elements in the society.Every woman desires appreciation as she is more than just a female out there!

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