I find dreams too are very exclusive of the present conditions of people.A fear of dreaming big is constant in today’s world.Where all we have around is competitions and envy,the question about not being able to cope with the outcomes of our dreams haunt us more than anything.So should dreams be controlled by such factors or maybe dreams shouldn’t be existing at all?

What if Charlie had never dreamt of visiting or perhaps owning the Chocolate Factory one day? What if Cinderella would have never dreamt of a prince charming and a fairy god mother?

It seems to me that these dreams tend to know our level of obsessiveness for them,according to which they too decide upon being fulfilled.
Dreams don’t distinguish between people, they offer you the way to reach out for the sky. They are a way out to accomplish what lies beyond your present conditions,whatever they maybe.
They are more than any companion, more than any support, 
directing you to follow the illusions you got. To step up and dream with open eyes.To have a vision which seems impossible to others but a door to your desires.
Have you ever seen dreams withdrawing themselves? Never. It’s us who stop and try answering calls to realities. It’s always us who haunt ourselves with the idea of failure, whereas what dreams do is to guide us to our own very part of self,which we never knew existed.

Dream and catch the dreams in those eyes,
An achieved dream would reflect in those sparkling eyes. 
Eye the unreachable and resist the change,
It’s true that the realities are strange.

It isn’t a crime for once,to listen to your heart,for what they call GUT. How can your heart guide you wrong. Dreams are just a way to tell you how much you are worth and how much you deserve to be getting. Never be afraid to dream, it’s the only way you reach the highest.

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